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About Us

Authentic Moroccan rugs and home decor


Tata Tapi is founded by Elke Bangels, (30) in 2021.

During her masters studies she started travelling the world. She fell in love with Morocco and has been spending a lot of time there ever since. Bonding with the locals over time she became fascinated with their craftsmanship and started exploring the country’s great tradition of rug weaving. These locals provided the network and know-how about weaving and she started dreaming of bringing this craftsmanship into your home.

She got in contact with a co-operation of women working from their homes in the Atlas mountains. During her many roadtrips to the Béni-Mellal region, she started curating a little webshop. And so Tata Tapi was born.

Each and every item on this website is one of a kind and hand picked by Elke herself. Made out of 100% pure lambswool, dyed with all natural pigments, sometimes finished of with recycled cotton. No harmful dyes or synthetic materials here.

Each piece was handmade with authentic techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation. Elke has pledged to give these women a fair compensation for their dedicated work. Hence why she works with limited batches and small restocks at a time.

Tata Tapi hopes you fall in love with the Moroccan craftsmanship just like Elke did many summers ago.